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So Does My Blog Need An App?
November 22, 2016

We were invited over at DWDD for a discussion entitled "So... Does My Blog Really Need an App?"




Here are the questions that were asked in the interview. Coming from our mindset, we think forward and we beg to differ that a blog or a website can simply stand on its own.



1. Why do I need an app?


We are more mobile than ever. Mobile devices continue to generate more internet traffic than desktops. These mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to mobile web. Having a mobile compatible site is not enough if we want to stay connected with our audience. An app is our surefire way to be directly accessible and be a part of our audience mobile habit.


2. My blog/site is already formatted for mobile browsing. Why do I still need an app that has similar contents anyway?


Aside from leveraging on users’ app preference over mobile browsing, having your own app provides your user a different experience that’s entirely designed to make their mobile experience more engaging. You would notice how using your favorite social networks via its corresponding apps provide you with a more pleasant experience than by just simply using it via your mobile browser. You too, can provide your audience with a special experience better than what your mobile compatible site can do.


3. What’s the difference with having an app if I can also bookmark my blog/site and thus have a direct access to it anytime?


Although your blog/site can be accessed directly via your bookmark or bookmark shortcut icon, having an app provides more than a shortcut or direct access to you. With an app, you can notify your followers anytime you have something new for them. You can remind them to check you out and send any other info that you want to communicate with them. Your site/blog cannot measure up with your app in terms of the power of push notification. It empowers you to connect with your audience instantly. It enables you to have a more personal connection with your followers resulting in a strong and long term engagement with them.



4. If I had an app, I will lose my web visitors, my site traffic will decrease, my ad revenue will be affected. Why do I need an app?


Your app engagement adds up to your total viewership. You can also measure your app engagement just as you would with your blog/site using different app analytics. Furthermore, you can partner with mobile ad networks for advertising revenue similar to your blog/site. Your own app may give you additional revenue stream, a channel to tap new followers, grow your user base and keep them engaged.


5. When is the best time to have an app for my blog/site?


You may choose to launch your app for your blog/site anytime. As we said, apps provide you with all the features and benefit of a web platform plus more! You just need to decide which mobile platform do you want to launch first – is it iOS first? Android first? It’s worth to note that according to Google Analytics, there are more mobile traffic coming from iOS devices (even when there are more Android than iOS devices.)


6. I don’t have much time to make my app with all the blogging that I need to do. What’s the fastest way to have an app?


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