The First and Only APPreneurship Center in the Philippines

A Day of Firsts: The Appstart Academy Presscon
July 26, 2016


It was a vibrant Friday afternoon when we held Appstart Academy‘s very first press conference at Shangri-La Makati.  There was an overall exciting vibe as media personalities came in one by one. It was our first time and it‘s a special thing for us to reveal what Appstart Academy was all about... Bringing the APP to the mAPP.



Starting off with citing the present situation on how we rank pretty low on the Asian developer map, we then point out that it‘s not the lack of talent that hinders us from being totally great. What stops us from excelling is the lack of mentorship and training. Yes, the passion is there, the knowledge, but both won‘t really make much of an impact without the proper haven to house today‘s innovators.



From our humble beginnings in the industry to the first ever App Academy in the Philippines, we were definitely bound for something bigger than us all. One thing‘s for sure, once you get left out and stop improving, you will be playing a great deal of catch up. It‘s all about changing with the times. Learning is essential and it‘s an inevitable fact. We never stop learning as we love sharing what we learn to every student who knocks on our door.



Bridging the gap has always been Appstart Academy‘s main mission from day one. As young as we are now, we are on the same wavelength with our students. We are bright eyed, hopeful and determined to blur the impossibilities and turn problems into conquerable challenges. It was a day of firsts, as we‘re building bridges now, the gap becomes shorter and shorter. To be the first is a chance to make a difference. To influence and initiate changes for the better.