The First and Only APPreneurship Center in the Philippines

From Zero to Infinite Opportunities
June 27, 2016
"Winning in the App Economy" is an ongoing series of talks that we are conducting for Appstart Academy. It is our way of following through the current hype that surrounds the App industry and why it is one of the most profitable fields around.
It has always been our mission to bridge the gap between visionaries and the fruition of their dreams. We recognize that raw talent has to be taken somewhere, a venue where they can turn their ideas to workable and profitable outcomes.
This series acts as an effective springboard for them to find out the basics in the business of app development. It gives them insights on the thinking process involved in creating an app and the possible earnings that can be made with a successful launch.
We can bring the talk to your doors by letting us conduct "Winning in the App Economy" in your campus or organization. Not only are you giving your students or members a chance to explore their career options, you are giving them a hand in deciding at an opportunity-laden future with no bounds.
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